Goblin's Gold Slots

For most people, the mere image of a goblin is somehow eerie. Goblins are known to be mischievous and these creatures are not the occasional charmer either, but your whole concept about goblins will be entirely changed with this game. Microgaming will surely have you in a mind-boggling time because they have developed a new slot game that is surprisingly themed after these creepy goblins. The game has distinct graphic designs and sound effects are quite distinct. If you want to have a fair share of the goblin's prized possessions, then it is time to battle it out for the Goblin's Gold.

Goblin's Gold Slot is a three reel, three pay line slot machine that houses extraordinary prizes. You'll surely have a blast with this game because it has a remarkable 6,000 coin jackpot prize plus an exciting bonus feature. Goblin's Gold Slot is quite opportune for new players and experts as well. To those who are looking for a less challenging game with brilliant prizes, then Goblin's Gold Slot is the most suitable game for you.

Visit the Goblin's Cave and Harvest Gold for Keeps

Goblin's Gold Slot is definitely not that lucrative when it comes to its graphic designs and sound effect yet this game offers munificent amount of cash and bonuses that you will surely go for. If you're the three-reel slot type player, then this is one of the best games you can try. Goblin's Gold Slot uses symbols which are not that hard to forget. Spot the bags of money or the goblin's head. You can also discover some traditional slot symbols like the BARS and card values.

Choose the Best Goblin Cave to Have the Most Precious Gold

Playing Goblin's Gold Slot is not a rat race. It is simple a walk around the park. When playing Goblin's Gold Slot, you have to play by the ear. Don't go all the way if you're not sure if you have the slightest chance to win. However, Goblin's Gold Slot is a three-reel slot machine that is very easy to utilize. You can start your wage from $0.25 to a maximum of $5.00. Wager a maximum of $15.00 per spin and get a chance to win 6,000 coins if you hit the wild symbol. What's the wild symbol you ask? The goblin's head is the wild symbol. If you hit three or more of these goblin heads, then you can double or triple your total winnings.