Floridita Fandango Slots

Floridita Fandango Slots

Based on the classic slots game, Floridita Fandango is yet another successful online slots game by Microgaming. Floridita Fandango has a single pay line with three reels and a not so heavy jackpot, but the fun and excitement that come with playing the game is not diminished. Players can always play up to three coins to get the best value for their money as well as increasing their chances of hitting the jackpot. If you are looking for any wild symbols to boost your winnings, Floridita Fandango has none, but the odds of winning every time you spin the reels are high so your chances of hitting a winning combination are also high. The interface of Floridita Fandango is almost the same as the other classic slots with the subtle difference of the colors and icons. Sound effects are also the same but the overall effect is quite pleasant.

Rules to Go by

Just like any other classic slots game by Microgaming, Floridita Fandango is an easy game to play. If you are already familiar with the other slots game courtesy of Microgaming, you will no doubt have an easy time familiarizing yourself with this game. All you need to identify are the buttons that you need to push for your bets and also for you to spin the reels. Knowing the different symbols also come in handy as these will give you an idea on what to expect whenever the reels stop. The betting amount ranges from $0.25 to $5 so you can already think of a betting strategy to use in this game. Betting the maximum amount of coin will give you greater odds in winning the prizes.

Watch Out for the Symbols

Since Floridita Fandango is your typical slots game, the icons here are almost the same as the others. You will find BARs, cherries and sevens but with the added twist of cocktails. The cherries provide you with an instant win regardless on how many you are able to spin into your reels. You need to watch out for the orange cocktail which is the one called Floridita Fandango as this will give you the biggest prize in the game which is the jackpot. Now depending on how many coins you have placed you get to win 500 to 2,500 coins. The other symbols have their own corresponding prizes so be sure to be familiar with the payout table which can be seen in your screens.