Fairy Ring Slots

Fairy Ring Slots

If you are the type of slots player who can't get enough of classic slots then there is another game for you to fall in love with. Fairy Ring is yet another creation of the world renowned online slots maker Microgaming. Same as the other online slots that have three reels and three lines, Fairy Ring is another enchanting creation that will definitely keep players on their seats. The creators of Fairy Ring had combined detailed background with colorful icons and sounds that gave this game a different twist. Added to these is a number of winning combinations as well as a wild symbol that will give you that added edge by multiplying your winnings. The game is easily understandable so whether you consider yourself a novice or a master, Fairy Ring will keep you coming back for more.

The Rules of the Fairy

Understanding the rules of Fairy Ring is simple enough to do. Just like any online slots game, you need to get the feel of the game before starting to bet real money and that is through learning the rules. All you need to learn is the betting rates, the symbols and the winning combinations. Bets can be from $0.25 to $5 and with the three lines you can bet to your heart's content. If you want to get the most out of your game, bet the maximum amount to increase your chances of hitting winning combinations. Just press the button when you are ready to spin the wheel and look where your reels stop. Be sure to separate the money that you will be using for this game and not go overboard.

Fairy Symbols

Fairy Ring is composed of symbols that are theme related. This means you will be seeing some butterflies, mushrooms, and the fairy ring icons, not to mention the BAR symbol among the reels. These symbols are your ticket to winning big prizes so see to it that you have an idea on the different combinations that will guarantee you a winner. The fairy ring is also a wild symbol which means that there is a chance for you to spin winning combinations. For you to hit the jackpot however, you need to align the fairy rings on the line that you have activated. Butterflies, mushrooms and bars have their own matching prizes. Fairy Ring is replete with eye-catching icons that will keep you glued to your seats and the prizes are also something to behold.