Flo's Diner Slots

Flo's Diner Slots

Bring back the 50's in this classic slot game that has become one of the favorite slots by players, Flo's Diner. This slot game is composed of the typical three reel single pay line which is loved by almost anyone who had played slots. Flo's Diner may not have that big a prize but the fun and excitement that usually accompany this game are enough to make slots players keep spinning the reels. With the maximum betting line being three, you get more chances of hitting the right combination to get a prize. What's more, the graphics as well as the icons stay true to the theme of a 50's diner, not to mention the sounds that accompany the game. With each push of the button sounding like a cash register and the 50's music emanating each time you hit the jackpot, slots players will stay charmed with this classic slots game.

Diner Rules

Due to the similarity of concept with other classic slots game, learning the rules is simple enough to understand. Find out first what the betting structure is so you will get an idea on how much you can bet. The range of coins that you can bet is from $0.25 to $5 so make sure you know how much you can spend on this game. Knowing the icons to this game is also important so you would know what types of combination you can make to win prizes. Other than that, the interface of the game matches the other classic slots so it is easy enough to get acquainted with them.

Symbols of the Diner

The symbols that you will find in this 50's themed slots game focuses on its original theme. You will find Flo and her concoctions such as donuts and ice cream as well as BARs which is a common icon for any classic slots game. The donuts are versatile icons since when you spin one donut into your reel you will automatically win a prize. The higher the number of donuts you get to spin, the pay out also increases. Of course, the best part of this game is spinning the icon of Flo, which guarantees you winning the jackpot. Depending on how many coins you have betted on, you stand to win 800, 1600, and 2400 coins. How's that for a jackpot prize? You also get to hear a 50's soundtrack being played in the background which will definitely transport you to that era.