spectacular Wheel of Wealth Slots

Picking up where the cool Spectacular Slots left of, Spectacular Wheel of Wealth brings to the table the same energy that slot aficionados love but with an exciting new twist, a bonus round!

How to Play Spectacular Wheel of Wealth Slots

Spectacular Wheel of Wealth is a traditional 3 reel, 1 line slot machine from Microgaming, who also brought to slot games the iconic Spectacular Slots. The three spinning reels form the winning combinations which are then checked by a computer once the reels stop. Alas, as with most great sequels, the game comes with a major difference the wide range of coin denominations has been fixed at $1.00 and the maximum bet is at $2.00. The design and colors are identical to its predecessor so players will still see the blue sevens, the single, double and triple BARS, the tickets and the Spectacular Slot symbols. The game has an Autoplay option for players who want the slot machine to keep playing automatically for a certain number of rounds.

Understanding the Symbols

The Spectacular game symbol is still the wild and multiplier symbol. It can help with the winning combinations by transforming itself into all the other symbols. One Spectacular symbol gives twice the payout of the winning combination. 2 Spectacular symbols will give you 4x the payout of the winning combination. However, this symbol doesn't substitute as a Spin Bonus symbol that will activate the bonus round.

The Wheel of Wealth Bonus Round

To qualify for the bonus round, a player must wager the maximum bet of 2 coins for every spin and the Spin symbol must appear on the payline on the 3rd reel. The Wheel of Wealth Bonus Round has a wheel that is composed of 20 segments each marked with a bonus prize amount. Players will click on the wheel or on the spin the wheel button to begin the game. Players will then win the bonus prize that the arrow refers to once the wheel stops. To return to the game, just click on the back to game button. Players can win up to 1,000 coins in this bonus game but prizes are in credits, not coins.

Spin that Wheel

There are tons of games out there for you to choose from, but only Spectacular Wheel of Wealth has the exciting bonus round where you can win a $5,000 jackpot. So try this game out and see how spectacular your winnings can be.