Pharoah's Fortune Slots

Egyptians are famous for their culture and history, but there are also known for their riches. After all, only those who are wealthy can bring chariots, gems and jewelries down to their pyramids. Find their hidden treasures by searching for missing pharaoh sarcophaguses, pyramid, scarab and string of other icons in you reels in Pharaoh's Fortune Slots. Pharaoh' Fortune Slots is definitely for those who appreciate the Egyptian culture as well as for those people who prefer a laidback slot machine over those with multiple payline and extreme graphics and sounds.

Taking the Reels to Egypt

Pharaoh's Fortune Slots is designed to be played easily, especially for those who have played other classic slot games from Microgaming. The controls are familiar because they are where they can be operated easily. The way the game is designed and rendered is simple, but nevertheless effective. While it is noticeable how the Pharaoh's Fortune Slots is designed just like any other Microgaming slot games, Microgaming was still able to make the game playable and enjoyable without being monotonous. Moreover, the familiarity of game controls allows even the first-time Microgaming slots players to enjoy and master Pharaoh's Fortune Slots with ease.

Playing Pharaoh's Fortune Slots maybe a no-brainer but it pays to have some strategies in hand while you spin the reels in Pharaoh's Fortune Slots. Your strategy should revolve in one aspect you can control in the game: the way you bet and play. You can increase your expected value and consequently, your winnings by placing maximum amount of coin per spin. If you don't have the big bankroll, then bring your coin denomination down, not the coin count. And most importantly, SPIN FAST!

Look for the Hidden Signs

Just like other Microgaming classic slot games, Pharaoh's Fortune Slots uses the both traditional and theme-based icons on the reels. They employed the traditional icons like bars and sevens and more theme-based icons like the pharaoh sarcophaguses, pyramids and scarabs. Each has its own payout rate, but if you really want to aim for the big bang, you might want to aim for the pharaoh sarchopaguses. Having three of them in your reels will give you the top prize of 2500 coins. With a maximum betting amount of $15, you can potentially win as much as $37,500. So make sure you have lady luck nearby while you spin your reels in this online slot game.