Razzmatazz Slots

If you are thinking that the crazy theme is a realm only for those multi-line slot machines, then you might want to play Razzmatazz Slots to prove yourself. Razzmatazz Slots is a classic slot game that features a jazz band made up of farm animals, enough for you to pause a while and see what they exactly look like. And when you have finished grinning at the ecstatic frog, and the artist-looking fox and the fowl that looks as if he doesn't know what he is doing, you might want to look at the payout table. Now, who says the craziness should end in the theme?

The Fox, The Frog the Fowl

Razzmatazz Slots uses the same traditional slot interface for classic slot games created by Microgaming. The animation of the reels is similar to other Microgaming slot machines and it also uses similar background noises found in the latter. Of course, the similarities are there because it is effective, and once you spin the reels you'll see why. But beyond the traditional look of the game, Microgaming does add some magic to make Razzmatazz Slots familiar but unique.

Playing with the Band

The ace of Razzmatazz Slots over other similar slot game is its profitability, thanks to its wild and scatter icon, which increases your odds to win. It is therefore important to make sure you capitalize from it. Increase your expected odds by betting maximum coins for every spin. To illustrate, you will should you hit the jackpot with a coin, you gain 1,000 coins back. Not bad. But if you have bet two coins in that spin, you should have won 2500 coins. A single coin added could have made you 1,500 coins richer. Of course, not all of us can afford to bet max amount with max coins. If you can't do so, settle for a lower denomination, but keep the three coins every spin.

Win Everywhere with Razzmatazz Slots

Razzmatazz Slots offer something different, and there is one compelling reason why this slot machine deserves a quick spin. This reason is the game's profitability. Razzmatazz Slots offer a whopping 4,000 coins for a jackpot, something you don't see in classic slot game nowadays. The 4000-coin jackpot is backed by multiple winning combinations, which starts at a single razzmatazz icon. Thirdly, Razzmatazz Slots has a wild icon that can be used as a substitute for all other icons, thereby increasing your odds to create winning combinations. And lastly, and definitely the best kicker, is the scatter icon. With Razzmatazz Slots scatter icon, you can win beyond the capacity of your payline, which further increases the odds in your favor. Razzmatazz Slots have it all, and it can make you sing all the jazz songs you know with all the winnings you can potentially make.