Rock the Boat Slots

With dozens and dozens of themed slots developed by Microgaming, it is not surprising if they would be able to develop a slot game that revolves around Elvis. Of course others would say that the theme of Rock the Boat Slots is something related to boating given the lighthouse and the boat where the Elvis-wannabe sings. That is also true though, but then again, the side-splitting capability of the game is something that you can never second-guess.

Play Slots with Elvis

Rock the Boat Slots is a classic three-reel, one-payline slot game developed by Microgaming. The game is easy to understand and even the most amateur player can spin the reels just like a veteran in minutes. You can bet up to two coins per spin, with denominations ranging from a penny to a maximum of five dollars. This could let you win a maximum of 1,600 coins in one lucky spin. If you're aiming to increase your expected value and odds in playing, be sure to bet with two coins every spin. If you can't afford betting $10 per spin, then use smaller denominations. Most importantly, you can only win more if you spin more. So rock the boat until it overturns.

Why Play with the King

The jackpot prize is sure to entice even the tightest gambler to shell out coins, but the most compelling reason to play the game is for its entertainment value. True, some of its icons are similar to many traditional slot machines lying around but the pinch of originality Rock the Boat Slots have is something that even critics can't deny. You have the crazy theme, the original sound effects like the opening chords of Jailhouse Rock and an Elvis impression when the wild icon appears on your reels. This makes Rock the Boat Slots a nice game to play, and doing so can hook you for hours at a time.

Watch the King on the Boat

There are several icons to watch out for, like the Single Bar, Guitar, Double bar, Triple Bar, Lighthouse and the Elvis' Icon. With Rock the Boat Slots, you can start winning by reeling in a guitar from any of your reels. But for those of you who want to win the top prize, you should pay closer attention to the Elvis icon because that baby delivers the top prize of the game.

But being the top-prize icon is only a part of the story. The Elvis icon is also a wild multiplier. This means that not only does it substitute for all other icons, but the payout that comes with the winning combinations will be multiplied once the Elvis icons have been used. Having one or two Elvis icons on a winning combination will multiply your winnings by two and four respectively, potentially increasing your odds and expected value. So you better make sure Elvis don't just sail by your reels.