Royal 7s Slots

The number seven has been regarded time and again by many people as something to do with good favor and luck. It has been used over and over in many games not only in card games like poker but in slot games as one of the minor icons that can provide decent payout for those who are lucky and patient enough. But what will happen if this traditional icon became a slot game of its own? Well, you will have Royal Sevens Slots.

The Traditional Seven Revolutionized

Royal Sevens Slots is a classic three reel slot game developed by Microgaming. And for those who have played Microgaming slots before, Royal Sevens Slots will look like it has Microgaming stamped all over the place. It is simple and traditional without being boring or tasteless. While the background effects and noises can be heard from other Microgaming slot games of similar variety, Royal Sevens Slots compensates with vibrant designs and better than normal animations.

Rolling the Royal Sevens

On the gaming side, Royal Sevens Slots is easy to use and ergonomically designed. Players who have played with other Microgaming slots, or those from other software developer for that matter, will feel right at home with Royal Sevens Slots. It still uses the traditional bars, sevens and of course, cherries apart from the special seven that can potentially give a lucky player the top prize of the game. Like many classic slot game, Royal Sevens Slots is a no-nonsense slot machine. There are no scatter icons, wild multipliers, bonus rounds, in-reel animations, free spin features and other modern but financially risky slot machines have. Despite the absence of those features, playing Royal Sevens Slots is still a fantastic way to spend a lazy Saturday evening at home.

Make the Royal Seven Count

In terms of prizes, Royal Sevens Slots provides considerable payouts with modest bets. Royal Sevens Slots accepts up to three coins per spin with coin denomination ranging from a low of 25 cents to as much as five dollars. In terms of payout, the slot machine pays 11 winning combinations, starting from a single cherry which pays out 6 coins on max bet. The top prize, which could be won by betting three coins and spinning three reddish-golden seven on the active payline, will pay 2,500 coins. Given the simplicity of the game, a jackpot of 2,500 coins is definitely a pot worthy of a spin.