Silver Scarab Slots

Silver Scarab is a sumptuous slot game from Microgaming, one of the leading producers of online games. The game pays homage to the scarab beetle which has long been worshipped by the Egyptians and is also associated with the gods Atum and Khepera. The designers at Microgaming have outdone themselves by giving fans a regal and exotic game worthy of Egypt's magnificent culture. The design of a silver scarab against a backdrop of pyramids and palm trees is crisply executed. The color scheme is redolent with regal purples and kingly blues.

Deciphering the Heiroglyphics

Silver Scarab is a three reel, one payline slot machine that can be played for free or with real money. The three spinning reels form the winning combinations which are checked by the computer once the reels stop. Coin denominations can go as low as $0.25 to as high as $5.00 with a maximum prize of 4,000 coins and a second highest payout of 2,000 coins. The game uses classic icons like the seven, 1, 2 and 3 BARS. A scarab icon is also used in keeping with the Egyptian theme. There are 9 winning combinations plus the wild and scatter symbols. The scarab is the game's wild and scatter symbol. The wild symbol substitutes for any other symbol to complete a winning combination. The Silver Scarab as a scatter symbol means the player is paid if it appears in any position on all three reels at the same time. For example, drawing 3 scarabs on the payline with a max bet is hitting the jackpot. Drawing 3 scarabs anywhere on the reels gives the player the scatter win of 1,000 coins. Silver Scarab also has an Autoplay function for players who want the machine to keep playing for a certain number of rounds. However, the game doesn't have the multiplier feature nor does it have a bonus round.

Reliving a Rich Culture

Silver Scarab is a beautiful Vegas style slot machine that has a great jackpot and an important scatter pay feature. Fans of classic style slots as well as newcomers to the game should really check this game out. They won't be disappointed. The lucky player's enthusiasm will be richly rewarded by a $20,000 prize if you play at the biggest coin. Even playing with the smallest size coin can garner you with $1,000. It's definitely a kingly reward from one of the richest cultures in history.