Reels Royce Slots

If you want to play some first-rate slot game minus the distracting animations and deafening sound effects of the modern slot machines, then you might want to play Reels Royce Slots. Reels Royce Slots is a three-reel, three-payline slot game hailing from the Microgaming slots arsenal. Reels Royce is more than just a play of words; this slot machine has the potential to make you feel like a first-rate winner.

R is for Royce

If you look at Reels Royce Slots at face value you'll see Microgaming stamped all over it. You can find the controls on the lower potion of the screen, the reels on the left and the payout on the right. Reels Royce Slots also uses traditional icons like bars and sevens. The animation and the sound is not the same as the modern multi-line slots being developed today but they are acceptable relative to other similar slot machines.

The Ride of Your Reel Life

Like what has been said earlier, Reels Royce Slots is a three-reel, three-payline slot machine. While it sounds different, the basic game procedure is still followed, albeit you have the option to activate three payline by betting a coin on it. While you may opt not to activate a certain payline, it is advisable to play with all paylines with maximum coins. This way, you will be eligible to win the jackpot prize should the right icons land on your payline. You would want to waste thousand of coins just because you failed to bet a coin in one of the paylines.

You win top prize of the game if you have satisfied the wagering requirements and you were able to spin three Reels Royce Sevens icon on your active paylines. Just remember that different paylines have different payout rate. Payline 1, for example hands out 1,000 coins while Payline 2 gives 2,000 coins. If you are intent of hitting it big however, you should aim for Payline 3 which gives you a whopping 4,000 coins. Not bad for a three-reel slot machine.

Why Take This Baby for a Test Drive?

Despite the middle-of-the-road gaming aspects, Reels Royce Slots is definitely worth your bankroll. The best reason for playing Reels Royce Slots is because it provides for many things avid slot player would want their slot machines to have. Playing with Reels Royce Slots is playing with easy-to-learn interface, easy-to-understand winning combinations, interesting theme, and awful lot of prizes. Your jaw may not crop on smooth animations and larger than life graphics, but Reels Royce Slots is sure to surprise you with the jackpot that comes with it.