Rings and Roses Slots

Female slot players and enthusiast now have one more reason to rejoice with this slot game developed by Microgaming. Rings & Roses Slots, a three-reel five-payline slot game can easily be one of the most romantic slot games of its kind in the industry, with all the rings glistening and the bells ringing. Well if Las Vegas, one of the frontiers of the gambling world, is fast becoming a prime wedding destination why not take the chance in the online gambling realm.

Before You Pop the Question

Rings & Roses Slots is a five-payline slot machine and like many slot machines of its kind, their trump card is the odds, the jackpot and its over-all profitability'. Maximize the winning potential of the game by making sure you max out your odds in every spin. You can do this by making sure you bet in all paylines every spin. Of course, not all of us can afford to bet max amount in all reels. So just settle with the coin denomination you can afford, but make sure your bets in all reels are intact. You wouldn't want to hit the jackpot just to realize you didn't win anything because you're one coin short.

Walk Dow the Lane

The game is designed the way many of us want classic three-reel should be designed: simple, relaxing, laidback, and balanced. The usual tried-and-tested Microgaming platform is used in the game and you can see it with the payout, the reels, the animation and sounds, as well as in the controls. The slot machine also uses traditional icons like bells, bars and sevens. While much of the game is similar to other Microgaming slot machine, Rings & Roses Slots still offer a catchy theme backed by solid gaming interface. These contribute to the over-all playability of the slot machine.

Why Play Rings & Roses Slots?

What makes Rings & Roses Slots a little bit different is the presence of four more reels, which in effect increases the excitement and profitability that comes with the slot game. With five reels to play with, you can have more odds to win. The odds to win are backed by above-average jackpot, which goes up to 6,000 coins in Payline 5. Other paylines offer lesser jackpot hits at 4000, 3000, 2000 and 1000 coins.

But beyond being a jackpot icon, Rings & Roses Icons is also a wild symbol. You can use this symbol as a substitute for all other icons in the field. This can further increase your odds to win. Set your sights for these icons once the reels are rolling.