Monkey's Money Slots

Who says all the things that monkeys love grows from trees? With Monkey's Money, a slot game developed by Microgaming, you are sure to enjoy everything this monkey-themed slot game can throw at you. This is true particularly on the way the game has been themed. Well, who won't see anything funny with monkey with the blue coat and shiny, apart from having that ecstatic look on his face? And given the payout, gameplay graphics and sounds, this game can definitely make you play for hours without getting bored. True, there are many multi-line slot games with jaw-dropping animations and sound effects, but once in a while it is nice to go back to the good old days.

Do Some Monkey Business

For those who have experienced playing with other three-reel Microgaming slot games, you'll be familiar with the game structure the Monkey's Money Slots have. The reels can be found on the left, pay table on the right, and the controls on the bottom. The payout table, coin denomination and the wild icons and so much of the animations and sounds used in the game are similar with those used in other three-reel Microgaming slot games. Monkey's Money Slots also uses the traditional bars and seven reels, apart from the more theme-related bananas, and monkeys. True, this game has similarities but nevertheless, this just makes the game easy to master. This way, both the initiate and the veteran can enjoy the game without spending so much on learning how to play it.

Go Crazy with the Monkey

Like what has been said, Monkey's Money Slots uses traditional icons like bars and sevens, as well as themed icons like bananas and the crazy monkey. These icons yield coins depending on the number of coins bet and the pre-determined payout rate. If you want to win big, you might want to watch out for the monkey icon in the reels. These icons can make you win 3000 coins. Given that $10 is the maximum bet per spin, a player who had Lady Luck by his side could win $30,000 in one lucky spin.

The monkey icon is more than just the icon that has the biggest payout, but it is also a wild icon. The monkey icon can be used as a substitute for all other symbols to complete winning combination. This allows you to significantly improve your odds, making you play and enjoy Monkey's Money Slots more.