Party Time Slots

There's always a reason to party with Microgaming's Party Time Slots. If you're into the beats, the strobes and the life it exudes, then you're ready to spin the reels with it. Party Time Slots incorporates everything you enjoy in a party into a one delightful slots game. But more than just being in a party, Party Time Slots allows you to win big while enjoying your time; with this game you can potentially dance your way to big winnings to the tune of 9,000 coins.

Party Rules

There a few stuff before you do so however. Fun as it may sound, you might want to get an advice or two to make the time spent on Party Time Slots worthwhile. To increase your expected value, and in turn your winnings, be sure to play with max coins every spin. This is especially true with Party Time Slots, because you only get a shot at 9,000 coins if you play with max bet; other wise, you don't win anything. If can afford the coin value, settle for cheaper coins in the meantime. Lastly, but most importantly, exercise discipline while playing Party Time Slots. Know when to say the party's over, and you will be able to play and enjoy the game longer.

The Party Structure

If you have played Microgaming slots before you'll be quite familiar with the way the controls, the reels and the payout is designed and laid out. This means you can start partying and winning. But that doesn't mean the amateurs should play something else. Microgaming has designed the controls so that it could be used by an amateur the way veterans do in just a few minutes. With glitzy graphics and party-mode sounds, be sure to take your drinks and your friends with you for a night of slot-based extravaganza.

The Party Icons

Party Time Slots employs traditional icons but on their part, add a little party twist to them. There are six party-modified icons used in the game: namely, the cherry, the martini bar, the champagne bar, the seven, the jukebox, and the Party Time icons. These icons give you eight ways to win in Party Time Slots. For those of you who want to win big, you have to watch for the Party Time Icon since it gives you the biggest pot of 9,000 coins for one lucky spin. Other symbols also give minor winnings, starting from two cherry symbols (which give you even money) to three jukebox symbols (which give you as much as 450 coins).