Don Deal Slots

Don Deal Slots

Classic slots are one of the best ways for beginners to get acquainted on how to play slots. One such example is the Don Deal. Don Deal is a type of online slots that has three slots, a single pay line and a maximum bet of two coins. The game also has nine winning combinations that will certainly raise your odds of winning every time you spin the reels. Though the game can be similar to other slots games, Don Deal still has a few surprises up its sleeves. Combined with colorful graphics and sounds, Don Deal will still attract the eyes of slots players around the world. For beginners, Don Deal may be a stepping board to greater slots games while for professionals; this game may be a reprieve from the new and far more complicated slots games. Either way, this game will definitely give you more than just fun and excitement.

Rules of the Don

Don Deal has its own rules that players should learn first before starting to play. This will help them determine the type of strategy they will be using to get the most out of the game. Learning the minimum and maximum bet can also be an advantage as this will give you an idea on how much you will be spending once you start playing. The symbols are also important so you should know which symbols will be giving out a higher pay out. Don Deal is simple enough to understand and is the perfect start for any novice players. This way they will be able to become familiar with the common rules of slots games.

For the Don, Symbols are Everything

In Don Deal, players need to identify the symbols that they will be seeing in the game. Bars, cherries, sevens and of course the cash pile are the symbols that you will encounter here. The cash pile is considered to be the wild symbol which when seen in any reel can take the place of any symbol to make a winning combination. Of course, lining up cash piles will give you the jackpot which amounts to 1,600 coins. If you bet only one coin the prize that you will receive will be 800 and it will be doubled when you play two coins. The same goes when you line up bars, sevens and cherries. You will find different pay outs on the table on your screen.