Cutesy Pie Slots

Cutesy Pie Slots

Cutesy Pie is an ideal game for slot game players since this has a three reel, three coins, and single pay line mechanism. Based on a front woman who has a powerful singing voice that changes from cutesy to sexy, this game is all about that loving mood that you get when listening to the songs of this front woman. With a few symbols to learn and simple betting strategies to follow, anyone can become a master of this online slot game. With bets ranging from $0.25 to $10, you can already think about what betting strategy to use that will give you more chances of winning. Anyone can download this game into their computer so you can also do the same and start practicing your slot machine moves.

Rules to Learn

Since Cutesy Pie is your basic slot machine game, the rules are simple enough to understand. The best way to approach this is of course to learn what the components to winning are and that includes the symbols as well as the betting rates. The minimum amount that you can bet is $0.25 while the maximum amounts to $10. You can also choose how many coins to play by using the + and button. The larger amount of money you play the bigger the chances of you winning the $25,000 jackpot. Beginners can also practice first to get the feel of the game before using real money. This way once they become comfortable they will have the confidence to start playing for real.

It's All about the Symbols

Cutesy Pie's winning combinations are composed of symbols. In this game you will find the usual slots machine symbols such as bars, sevens and since this is Cutesy Pie, I Love You hearts. This slot is not progressive so the jackpot stays at 2,500 coins. Forming a single line of sevens will win you the jackpot so it is highly suggested that you bet the maximum number of coins to get the best odds of hitting the jackpot. Having any number of I Love You hearts on your reels guarantees you a prize. Other winning combinations include lining up triple bars, double bars, single bars, any bars and of course I Love You hearts. Learning all of these symbols and winning combinations are simple enough since they are already displayed on your screen. With constant practice you will get the hang of this game and play for real.