Diamond Deal Slots

Diamond Deal Slots

Slots players will be having a fun time playing Diamond Deal as this game is a combination of the common slots and a bonus feature. Diamond Deal is known to be one of the early slots machine games that incorporate a bonus round to allow players to earn more than the usual. A mixture of catchy sounds and graphics, players will definitely be glued to their seats while playing this fun and easy slot game.

Learning the Rules

Knowing the rules of a game is always the first step that is done by players. Playing Diamond Deal is no exception. Learning how the game is played can provide you with a better advantage especially when it comes to your betting. Betting is fixed at $1 but you can bet the maximum amount of $3. This way you will have a bigger chance of hitting the jackpot as well as entering the bonus rounds. Another important thing to remember is to pay attention to the symbols that will be appearing on your reels. These symbols are your key to getting prizes so make sure that you know the various winning combinations in Diamond Deal. Practicing first can be a great way for first time players to test their skills. Once they are comfortable, playing for real money will be the next step.

Symbols are Everything

In Diamond Deal, the symbols are everything. Players should be able to identify which symbols bestow greater prizes which is why the pay out table is displayed. Knowing which symbols to look out for can help you determine the amount of money you wish to bet. Among the symbols that you will find in this game are cherries, bars, sevens and of course the diamond which is the wild symbol. The diamond being the wild symbol can replace other symbols to create a winning combination. Lining up three diamonds however will earn you the jackpot prize.

A bonus diamond

Since Diamond Deal has a new feature which is the bonus round, players can aim in getting to it. To get to the bonus round you must be able to spin the ring box four times to activate the bonus round. Each ring box has a fragment of a diamond so you need to complete it before winning the prize. There is no need to worry about losing the number of ring boxes that you have acquired since the game will be saved every time you leave. This way you can still be able to keep your ring boxes when you play.