Dino Might Slots

Dino Might Slots

Who said the Jurassic age is over? Relive the excitement of this gripping time with Dino Might slots, a 5-reel, and twenty-five payline slot game. This slot game is refreshing in many aspects, beginning with its dinosaur theme.

The symbols of the game are composed of memorable dinosaur characters, including the t-rex, triceratops, brontosaurus, ankylosaurus, and a triggersaurus. Prehistoric plants, too, such as refflesia, cycad, cactus and bulb have their own symbols in the game.

As for the graphics and sounds, you will surely love how the colors are rendered in a vivid yet animated way. The game is so easy to play, too, that you can easily understand everything from your first spin.

Jurassic Steps

You'll surely go far with your first few steps in Dino Might, considering how easy it is to play. The minimum increment is .01$, with the maximum being .50$. You can bet as much as 250 coins. If you hit the jackpot, you win for yourself 8,000 coins. The next jackpot payout is 800 cons. With 41 winning combinations, hitting both is not a far cry.

Weapons of Domination

Don't expect to win and take over the game without the help of two significant symbols in the game. These symbols serve as the scatters and the wilds of the game. The Dino Might symbol, characterized by a t-rex, is the wilds of the game. This means that the Dino Might symbol can replace any other symbol to complete any winning combination. Better yet, your winnings will be multiplied.

The Amber Fossil symbol is the scatters of the game. The presence of 2 or more of these will activate the Bonus round and give you a better shot at winning that jackpot.

Mighty Bonuses

The bonuses of Dino Might are as mighty as the dinosaurs that lived during the era. One is easy enough since you just have to complete a line of 3 to 5 Triggersaurus symbols. If you successfully do this, then you automatically trigger the hi/lo feature. Another bonus feature is closely tied with the scatters, the Amber Fossil. With 3 to 5 Amber Fossil symbols in the screen, you will activate the bonus round, which will basically require you to match two symbols of the same kind. If you are able to do this within the time limit, then you might just be able to double your winnings. It will be automatically done to your winnings.