Dolphin Tale Slots

Dolphin Tale Slots

Dive into the underwater playground of the Dolphin Rookie in the Dolphin Tale Slots, a 5-reel slot game that has 40 paylines, which is more than what slot games regularly offer. Playing this slot game is anything but pointless, as you will be walked through a fast and engaging story that will leave you entertained and wanting to play for more.

To start, the blue graphics and bubbly sounds of the game perfectly accompany the symbols used in the game. There's Chuef, Karl, Merl, Lucile, and Louie - the main characters of the game. As it happens, Dolphin Rookie is tasked to solve different crimes. To support this premise are the other symbols in the game: the casino ship, the police station reef, the bank, the Deep Sea Diner, and the Motel.

How to Dive

You will certainly learn about Dolphin Tale on your first try, as there is a brief introduction not only of the instructions, but also of the story of the game. To start, you can wager with the following coin size increments: .01$, .02$, 0.05$, 0.1$, .2$, and .25$. The maximum betting range is 200 coins. These increments are certainly little compared to the 3,000 coins that you can get if you win the jackpot prize. Next to that is 1,000 coins, the second jackpot prize offered in the game. These prizes are not at all bad, considering that there are 22 winning combinations in this game.

How to Best Solve the Underwater Mystery

Solving the underwater mysteries presented in Dolphin Tale won't at all be easy. That's why you have to be properly equipped. To arm yourself well and good, you have to remember two of the important symbols in the game - the Dolphin Rookie Symbol and the Spy Clam symbol.

The Dolphin Rookie symbol serves as the wilds of the game. As such, it can complete any of the 22 winning combinations by replacing one missing symbol. The Spy Clam symbol, on the other hand, serves as the scatters symbol of the game. You can multiply your winning depending on the number of times it appears on a spin. You can win have your winnings multiplied from as twice to 50 times as many.

The Unchartered Seas

No mystery in Dolphin Tale will ever be complete if there's no bonus round. In Dolphin Tale, there's a bonus Free Spin round, which you can access by spinning at least three clams. You can then get a certain number of free spins based on a random multiplier.