Dragon's Loot Slots

Dragon's Loot Slots

Bring yourself to a land of magical and mythical creatures through Dragon's Loot slots, a 5-reel slot game with 25 paylines. This slot game, with a theme of Mythical Medieval Dragons and Knights, are especially crafted for those slot gamers craving for some spicy adventure, along with a handsome reward, of course.

The interface of the game is quite similar to the fantasy games you've come to know and love. They dragons truly stand out, as well as the knight symbol. You will also meet characters that complete a medieval castle setting, such as the king, queen, jack, and bad maid. Popular icons such as a sword, castle, and goblet are also some of the symbols to be found in the game.

The graphics of the game stick to the popular drawings that we see in cartoons and comic books. Also, the sounds are a refreshing way of imagining what it is like to live in the medieval ages. Over all, the game is made of classic entertainment.

Entering the Dungeon

You've probably learned in fairy tales and fantasy novels that dragons live in dungeons. These places are where they keep their loot. As in Dragon's Loot, you have to be strategic about how you'll enter the dungeon and seize that loot for yourself. Decide on the coin size increment that you are willing to wager - from .01$ to .20$. As there's a maximum of 500 coins that you can bet, you have freedom to decide on how much you are willing to risk. In the end, risking more also means possibly winning more. This winning can be as much as 5,000 coins for the first jackpot and 1,000 coins for the second jackpot.

The Dragon's Best Finds

In a dragon's loot, there will inevitably be the ones that stand out best. Consider these as the symbols that will stretch your win in the game. One is the wild symbol, the Knight. Like a Knight's purpose, it will substitute any missing symbol in order to win one of the 24 winning combinations. Another standout symbol is the Dragon symbol, which is a scatter symbol. If it appears in any unpaid payline, then you activate the Dragon's Loot bonus feature.

The Dragon's Offering

The bonus feature of Dragon's Loot surely is no joke, as you can win a precious lot. You simply have to choose 3 of five treasure chests. Each treasure chest can give you free spins and multiply your winnings as well.