Franken Cash Slots

If you think who you're seeing is the Hulk, think again. He's Frankenstein, and he's green, mean, and unbelievably generous. He will prove this generosity once you take on his game, the Franken Cash slots. This slot game, with 5 reels and 20 paylines, is themed exclusively after no less than Frankenstein. He is as memorable as any other urban legend, after being created by Mary Shelley back in 1818.

You will surely love how the graphics and sounds in this game have been rendered. How so much detail and effort were put in creating this game is very much evident, as everything in it are well crafted and synchronized. Also, the gameplay is very easy to understand and will surely not leave you clueless.

Starting the Bout of Generosity

You'll definitely be proved wrong, just when you think Frankenstein is all about giving people a good scare. The coin size increments are pretty convenient, as you have many options. You can wager coins with the amounts .01$, .02$, .05$, .1$, .2$, .25$, .5$, and 1$. With 36 winning combinations and a maximum bet of 200 coins allowed in this game, you will surely be motivated into playing more and betting more in this game.

The jackpot prize in this game is 2,500 coins, with the second biggest prize being 1,000 coins. The good news is that you can even multiply this jackpot if you have the scatter symbol by your side.

The Icons of Frankenstein

You will surely easily remember what the different symbols in this game represent, based on the previous Frankenstein movies that you've watched. The mad scientist, white rats, electric switches, Frankenstein, ghoulish assistants, and lanterns - these symbols compose the horror-based story set in a laboratory.

The most important symbol, however, is the Frankenstein symbol itself. If two or more Frankenstein symbols appear, you automatically get a payout. This symbol also serves as the bonus symbol in this game signaling the start of yet another exciting round, the Free Spins bonus round.

Frankenstein Gives Free Spins

The bonus feature in this game is the traditional free spins feature, made even more exciting with the way you can play it in this game. You will basically electrocute Frankenstein and set the voltage of the electrocution. After doing this for three times, a set of numbers will appear. These numbers will serve as the addition to the number of coins you have won in the game.