Golden Goose Crazy

Which one came first - the goose or the egg? In Golden Goose Crazy Chameleon slots, you don't have to bother yourself with that question. There simply are too much bonuses and prizes to play that you will find yourself putting that question behind. The only thing you'll realize is how much fun this game is and how golden the winnings are.

As a game with 5 reels and 20 paylines, you may think it is just like any other video slots game. However, you will immediately be proven wrong once you get a hold of the game's graphics and sounds. You can easily relate the graphics to its theme, the holiday beach craze. The sounds are also easy to listen to, the ones you'd listen to while wading in the beach.

The Golden Start

In order to end golden, you also have to start golden. That's why you have to strategize and determine exactly how much you are willing to put in this game. The coin size increments offer a wide range of options, so you shouldn't have a hard time choosing from .01$ to .20$. Luck will bring you the top jackpot of 5,000 coins. Yes, it's entirely possible, as there are 37 winning combinations in this game.

Goose, Egg, and Other Lucky Symbols

Of course, you'd be seeing the classic goose and egg symbols. But more than that, there are also other symbols that you'd surely love. They are the wild chameleon, seagull, sun, swimming trunks, surf boards, and sun block lotion. As you notice, these are all symbols that will evoke the images of the beach. There are also other staple symbols, such as the king, ace, queen, jack, ten, and ten.

The wild symbol in the game is the wild chameleon symbol, which can replace any other symbol and complete a winning combination. The scatter symbol is branded Scatter Chameleon. If three or more of it appears in any of the reels, then you win.

Truly Golden Bonuses

There's one huge thing that sets the bonuses of Golden Goose Crazy Chameleon far apart from other slot games. You can actually play the bonus game if you enabled all payline and if you place an additional bet of 5 coins. Unlike other slot games, you don't have to rely on luck to activate the bonus round. The first bonus round is the Golden Reels bonus, where turn the eggs into golden eggs. In the second, the Golden Egg Bonus, the Golden Goose will pass by will give you an egg with a corresponding amount of coins. The third is the Money or Egg Bonus game, where you will be made to choose between money and egg. The final is the Golden Goose Pick a Car Bonus Game. In here, you will choose a card that can stand for free spins or for multiplied winnings.