Elementals Slots

Elementals Slots

Elementals Slots

If there's one thing that connects all gamers around the world, those are superheroes. These superheroes appeal to everyone. From little kids to adults, all are fascinated by the way these otherwise ordinary people use their supernatural powers.

That probably explains why Elementals slots, a Microgaming slot game, has become such a hit among slots players. To begin with, its theme is all about superheroes. In this game, there are four, with each one representing four elements that is said to compose the earth: earth, wind, water, and fire.

This 5-reel slot game with 20 paylines will not disappoint your insatiable hunger for superheroes and potentially big winnings. The graphics and sounds, too, are every inch the superhero game you can expect it to be. It's fast-paced, thrilling, and very exciting.

The Game's Basic Elements

You don't have to undergo the usual complexities of a superhero narrative. What's in Elementals is pure action, as the rules are very easy to understand. For starters, the coin size increments are varied enough. You can wager for as much as .01$ to .50$. The maximum bet possible in this game is 200 coins. With 37 winning combinations, there certainly is a lot of leeway for that jackpot prize, worth 5,000 coins.

Winner Elements of Elementals

Though all the symbols are appealing and tempting in general, you must take note of the two most important symbols in the game - the scatters and the wilds symbols. Having them appear in a spin will up your chances of winning.

The wild symbol won't be hard to find, as it is literally a symbol with the word WILD stamped across it. Each letter is represented by one of the four elementals. With this symbol, you can win any winning combination that lacks but one symbol. The Wild symbol will serve as a substitute for that missing symbol. Aside from being a replacement, it is also a multiplier symbol, which will double your winnings in that round.

Also watch out for the scatter symbol, with the word Scatter literally displayed across. If two or more of this appears, then you will automatically get bonus coins.

The Power of All Elements Combined

The bonus rounds in Elementals only prove how formidable it really is. You can get 20 free spins, if the Sun symbol with a letter E stamped on it appears. Even better, your winnings will be doubled if you win that round.

Another bonus feature is the gamble feature. If you win, you will be given an option to gamble your payout. All you have to do is guess if a card will come out as red or black. Winning will double your payout, while losing will altogether take it away. Now, that's gambling!