Cool Buck Slots

If you're only now trying to learn all about slot games that are available on the internet, there are just a few simple things you really need to consider before you start playing. First and perhaps the most important consideration of all is the software developer backing up your online slots.

If you see the Microgaming patent on your chosen slots, you are assured that the game will provide you with long hours of amusement. Second of all, you should understand the difference between the number of reels and paylines available on every game. The more reels and paying lines, the more chances you have of winning in every spin but there could also be risks if you're still the untrained slot player.

Big Bucks with Cool Bucks

Cool Bucks is a Microgaming slot game that has three reels and five paying lines. The five paying lines are actually very helpful considering that this game has only three reels because you still get to win in every spin whether you get a small amount of coins or hit the jackpot.

The layout has a cool green color which is very helpful to the eyes and the colors of the other images are also just right so there's really no eye sore when it comes to the aesthetics of the design.

The star of the game is an animated dollar plus the usual bar symbols, the number seven in shimmering silver and cherries.

Winning the Bucks in Cool Bucks

There is a Wild icon in this game so you don't have to worry about not hitting any good combination in any one of your spins. The animated dollar is the Wild icon that can replace any of your other images on your reels. This can help you make a good combination that can give you coin prizes.

The maximum amount that you can bet per reel is five dollars which makes it to twenty-five dollars per spin if you bet on all reels. This could seem a lot to a newbie but to the experienced slot player, this simply means that you get more chances of bagging the jackpot prize of six thousand coins.

While the Wild icon here does not act as a prize multiplier, it does however show up on all reels so you still have plenty of opportunities to win. If you want to slowly go up the ladder in online slots, this is a good game to break away from the usual three-reel one-paying line slot.