Cracker Jack Slots

Cracker Jack Slots

If you are interested in playing some online slots then be sure to try out Cracker Jack. This slot machine is easy to understand and play. Cracker Jack is an online slot machine game that has three reels and a single pay line. This game is considered to be a Classic Slot game by Microgaming and is a perfect start for those who will be playing slots for the first time. Mixed with amazing graphics and colorful symbols this game will definitely appeal to those who know about the snack Cracker Jack, not to mention the prizes that await those who spin the winning combinations. Coupled with the Cracker Jack symbol, you will also find sevens, and bars among the symbols in the game. It is a fun filled game that will keep you cracking for more.

Cracking the Rules

Of course, games such as slots have their own set of rules which is why it is important for first time players to learn them. Since this is a classic slot game, the rules are easy enough to understand and of course to master. The winning combinations are already displayed in the screen so you can always check what they are. Betting ranges from $0.25 to $ 5.00. First time players can use the practice option of the game to get a better feel for it before starting betting with real money. This way they can build their confidence before using their money as well as use whatever betting strategy they have learned along the way. To get better results in your game make sure that you use the maximum bet which will increase your odds on hitting the jackpot.

The Symbols That Matter

Completing a winning combination requires the right kind of symbol. In Cracker Jack slots, there are basically four kinds of symbols that you should watch out for. These are Cracker Jacks, Crackers, bars and sevens. The wild symbol is represented by the Cracker Jack so it can replace any other symbol to help you get a winning combination. If you have a single Cracker Jack in a winning combination, your winnings can be doubled; two Cracker Jacks will multiply your winnings to four. The sevens and the bars also have their own prizes respectively so you are guaranteed of winning every time you spin. Make sure that you have an idea on the different winning combinations so you can eye the prize as you spin the reels.