Couch Potato Slots

There are many different variations of the online slot and these variations can pretty much dictate the outcome of your game/s. But the one thing that you should always look out for is the software maker who developed the slot game/s.

Microgaming for instance, has been providing quality slots online so you know that if you come across any of their games, you will be getting your money's worth. Your choice of casino is also very important especially the freebies and perks they offer for new sign-ups and loyal players.

If you play Couch Potato Slots in any of the online casinos that have a strong partnership with Microgaming, there's a very good chance that you will have a great time trying out the Couch Potato slot game.

Playing Couch Potato

Couch Potato is a Microgaming slot game that plays with the idiom couch potato for its theme. What you will see in this game is literally a potato slouching on his sofa looking lazy and tired.

This game has three reels and one paying line but it has 10 various combinations that can make you win so this is a good incentive to play the game. Other slots with three reels and one paying line only have 7 combinations.

The interface is easy to understand an important aspect that you can find in all Microgaming slots. The layout itself is not cluttered so you won't have a hard time reading all the combinations that come out every time you spin.

Earning as a Couch Potato

Ironic as it may sound, you can actually earn some money by playing couch potato that is, the Couch Potato slots online. There is a Wild icon here so you have plenty of opportunities to win in every game.

The term Couch Potato is actually the Wild logo in the game and you can use it to replace any of your other images on your reels excluding the cherries to get a winning combination.

The best part is that the Wild is a huge multiplier in that if you use it once in your winning reel, your winnings are automatically multiplied by five. Get more Wilds in your reels and your prizes can be multiplied by as much as twenty-five per game.

All in all, this can be considered as one of the finest three-reel online slots that you can find today. This is a good way to earn huge prizes while playing couch potato!