Chain Mail Slots

Chain Mail Slots

Chain Mail Slots

Not many slot games can pull off a theme that includes two opposite ideas. Chain Mail is among the very few that can, being a slot game that integrates the well-loved medieval theme with a modern, technological touch. After all, where else can you see a symbol of a horse beautified with pearls and jewelry?

Like every other slot game brilliantly delivered by Microgaming software, Chain Mail doesn't disappoint. It has 5 reels and 20 pay lines not bad if you are in it to win it. The game is also easy to navigate, and you don't have to risk a few coins before actually understanding how to operate the controls. So don't worry about finding your way through this game, as it is very easy to play.

Nailing that Mail

The minimum wager in this slot game is $.1 p $.25 per line. Once you bet any denomination, allow yourself a quick introduction in the game and familiarize yourself with the symbols and the winning combinations. Surely, you won't have a hard time remembering the symbols and their corresponding worth. After this, you can start the game with a breeze. You can win as much as 30,000 coins in this slot game, with the many bonuses and giveaways featured in Chain Mail slots.

The Symbols that Hold Riches

Perhaps the luckiest symbol in the game is the Chain Mail seal, the wild symbol of the Chain Mail slots. If you end up having this symbol, you increase your odds of winning, as it can replace any other symbol in the game. Having it in any winning payline will even double your winning. Also watch out for the Mail Bag symbol, the scatters symbol, as its mere presence can multiply your winnings and award you quite handsomely. If you would like to access the bonus feature, then you better have the Drawbridge symbol, which automatically opens the bonus round.

The Bonus Behind that Door

In the bonus round, you will be made to choose one door from five doors. Each door has a prize in store, which just proves how Chain Mail is generous in giving out bonuses. Better yet, if you get to open the door with the symbol Princess Roxy, you automatically get all the prizes in all the other doors. If, however, you get to open the door with the symbol Uncle Mordread, then you automatically lose any chance of getting any bonuses, which makes the game even more exciting, don't you think?