Crazy Chameleon Slots

Crazy Chameleon Slots

If you're badly missing the summer heat and the beach, then you ought to play Crazy Chameleon slots, a video slot game after a beach theme. You will see this in some of the symbols used in the game: a seagull, surfboard, sun, swimming trunks and, of course, a crazy chameleon.

As a 5 reel slot game with only 5 paylines, there are 29 winning combinations possible in this game. Considering that it has relatively few winning combinations and even fewer paylines, Crazy Chameleon is one of those high-risk slot games.

Playing the Surf

Like surfing, playing Crazy Chameleon is easy enough if you know the basics. There aren't many frills in the game, and it sticks to the classic instructions of playing slots. You can bet from $.25 to $5, and win as much as 5,000 coins in the process.

As one of the oldest Microgaming slot games, you will find that Crazy Chameleon slots is plain and simple. The graphics are sounds are not bad, as they truly reflect the relaxing atmosphere the beach offers. The controls are easy to understand, too.

Crazy with Winnings

Winning in Crazy Chameleon can be easy enough, as the winning combinations are not hard to remember. To get the jackpot of 5,000 coins, you have to have five Crazy Chameleon symbols. If you end up having four Crazy Chameleon symbols, you get 1, 000 coins. With three Crazy Chameleon symbols, you win 50 coins. Obvious, this shows that the Crazy Chameleon symbol is the what you should always gun for.

The Sun symbols are the next most important in this game. With five of this symbol, you get 3,000 coins. Third is the Seagull symbol, five of which will give you a pay out of 2,000 coins. Next is the King symbol, which will pay out 1,000 coins with five symbols.

Again, Plain and Simple

Another feature that sets Crazy Chameleon apart from other slot games is the lack of any bonus round. Unlike other slot games with at least one or more bonus rounds, this slot game has none at all. There are two reasons for this: one, it is a classic Microgaming game that has not been touched by recent innovations in slot gaming; and, two, it appeals to the hardcore slot game fans that prefer high risks and minimized odds. Winning in a game such as Crazy Chameleon will, in the end, prove who the real king of lot gaming is.