Curry in a Hurry Slots

If you want to learn a thing or two about the authentic Indian culture, then you better head on to Curry in a Hurry slots, a 5 reel, 15 payline slot game. A video slot game with rules like every other, what sets this slot game apart is the theme it holds - the Indian dining experience. This is most evident in its symbols: an Indian waiter, customer, kebab, poppadums, van, and beer, some of the things exclusive to the world-renowned dining experience.

The graphics and the sound will surely make you feel as if you're dining in an Indian restaurant yourself. The setting, a curry van with furnished Bombay furniture and the sitar music playing in the background all harmonize to form a believable rendition of the comic dining experience.

A Comic Entrance to Exit

Curry in a Hurry will guarantee you an entertaining experience from the start of the game until its end. There is a short introduction of the game in the start, right after you've deposited as much as $.01 to $.50 coins. It shows a customer eating a bowl of curry. Not knowing any better, smoke comes out of his mouth and smoke because of the spicy dish. This signals the start of the game. Aside from the Indian cuisine symbols, there are also letters and numbers to complete the set.

You can win a much as $90,000 or 9,000 coins. On your second jackpot, you can get as much as 250 coins. This is certainly promising for a game that has about 36 winning combinations.

Curry Symbols to Spice Up Your Game

There are certain symbols that will spice up and multiply your winnings. Make sure that they appear in your paylines. One is the Wild Symbol, the Waiter. This symbol can substitute all the other symbols. It also acts as a Multiplier Symbol. Once it completes a combination by being a substitute, it will double the winning of that combination.

Another symbol is the scatter symbol, the Curry. If three to five of it appears, then a winning combination is successfully completed and, as an added value, you can access the bonus round.

The Curry Bonus Game

You get to have both fun and winnings in this bonus round. Your winnings can be multiplied to as much as 15 times. The rule of the game is simple. There are five curry plates, and you'll choose three from these. The total number of chilies there are on the three plates will be the number of times your winning will be multiplied.