Crazy 80's Video Slots

Crazy 80's Video Slots

The 1980's is a time in everybody's lives when neon was the in thing and variety of colors was well celebrated. It might evoke memories of bright lights and disco parties, not to mention the flashy wardrobes people in that time used to don. Wouldn't it be fun to bring back the same memorable experiences of the 80's in the comfort of your own personal favorite slot game?

Fancy shades, big blown up hairstyles, gigantic bracelets, radio cassette tapes, flashy charms- these are some of the symbols that you will find in this game, symbols that you surely relive your memories of the 80's. As if that's not quite enough, the sounds playing in the background is that of pop music of that generation. Remember Flashdance and Back to the Future? That's some of what you'll hear in this game.

The Groove of Winning

Being a Microgaming platform game, you can expect it to be easy to understand and play. Having 5 reels and 9 paylines, you can easily familiarize yourself with the game and the winning combinations. You can start by wagering about $.25 to $45 per spin, depending on your courage to take risks. If you're lucky, you can win as much as 5,000 coins. Normally, the winning rate is at 600-800 coins, given the 38 possible winning combinations you can have in the game.

Unlike other video slot games, Crazy 80's is very simple. You will not have to wait for any exciting twists or understand complicated mechanics. This is the best game for slot game addicts.

The Symbols of the 80's

Watching out for the promising symbols won't be too hard for you, as these symbols aptly represent the decade of flashy and bright lights. There is a Wild Symbol, the Ghetto Blaster, which can substitute any symbol to complete a winning combination. This symbol is especially useful when you need that one extra symbol to complete the winning combination.

Another symbol is the Scatter Symbol, the Flashdance symbol. Having three of this appear, no matter the arrangement, in a single round will lead to an automatic win. To mark this win, there will be feet dancing and crazy music playing.

No Frills, Just Dancing

Both a strength and weakness of Crazy 80's is the lack of a bonus round or any promotional scheme aside from playing slots. In this game, you will pay slot games and get a chance to win 5,000 coins - an all-or-nothing deal that, when you think about it, makes the game all the more exciting.