Belissimo Slots

If you're thinking of playing in online casinos but you're not really keen on playing those popular card games, you don't have to feel left out anymore because slot games have found their way to the internet.

Whether you've always been an avid fan of slot games in regular casinos or are simply looking for something to play while online, online slots are now the top choice of players who want to have fun without having to learn any card-playing skills.

When you're searching for what slot games to play, check out the ones that are provided by Microgaming as they have some of the best online slots that you can find today.

Playing the Belissimo Slot

The Belissimo slot game is an Italian-inspired online slot from Microgaming. The backdrop is actually that of an Italian Pizzeria with a be-mustached stocky Italian chef grinning from ear to ear as the main character of the game.

The game has three reels and five winning pay lines a feature that is not typically found in other slot games having only three reels. This is what makes Belissimo an exciting game to play especially for new players who want a good slot game without all the confusing details or directions that you sometimes find in other more aggressive online slots.

Although the Italian Chef is the sole character that is closely associated with the theme, he nevertheless makes up for the lack of other Italian pizzeria symbols. Other images to complete the game are the usual bar symbol combinations of 1, 2 and 3 bars.

Belissimo Prizes Served Piping Hot

The game is very easy to play which makes it a good steady game for beginners. If you bet on all five winning pay lines, you are given more chances to win any amount of coins in each game.

The Italian Chef himself serves as the Wild icon in this game and he shows up on any of the three reels at any given spin. As he can replace any of your other icons in your reels, he can help you create a winning combination.

The only downside is that he is not a prize multiplier unlike all other Wild icons in other slots online. But, as not all three-reeled online slots have Wild icons, the Chef is still a great incentive to keep playing the game.

The highest amount of coins that you can get in the game reaches up to five thousand coins.