Blackjack Bonanza Slots

Playing online slots is always something to look forward to if you choose the right kinds of slot games. While there are a good number of slot games now available on the internet, not all of them are fun and exciting to play and not all of them have payouts that are worth playing for.

Microgaming has taken care of all areas in their gaming software including their online slots that's why you are assured all the time that when you play their online slots, you will be getting quality games you can enjoy like their Blackjack Bonanza online slot game.

Playing Blackjack Bonanza

Blackjack Bonanza is themed after the famous casino card game with symbols ranging from the Jack in the card deck, the number seven donning a tuxedo and the regular bar symbol combinations of 1, 2, and 3.

This Microgaming slot game has three reels and one paying line but don't let this deter you from playing as there are plenty of ways for you to win in every spin. The maximum number of coins you can win in this slot is four thousand coins which is a good incentive to keep playing with maximum coins each time.

This is good game to play too, if you're looking for something that will give you the impression that you're actually playing in a land-based casino.

Blackjack Bonanza Symbols

The good thing about this slot game is even if it has only three reels and one paying line, you have the help of the Wild and Scatter symbols to give you more chances of hitting a winning combination and getting a few coins in every game.

The Wild and Scatter features are not something that you would normally find in a three-reel one-paying line slot game and this is why Blackjack Bonanza is perhaps the most exciting three-reel one-paying line slot on the internet.

The Jack is both your Wild icon and Scatter icon in this game which could be a little confusing to the beginner player but once you get to understand that the Wild can replace any of your icons on your reel.

If he shows up on any of your reels on the other hand, you can immediately win coins without having to replace any of your other symbols to come up with a winning combination. In this regard, the Jack serves as your Scatter symbol in the game.