Cash Crazy Slots

Microgaming's online slot games offer a better alternative to slot playing by making great slot games readily accessible on the internet. People who love playing slots in casinos and in other land-based locations have found online slots to be just as enjoyable and rewarding as the regular slot machines.

The convenience of being able to play within the confines and comfort of your home however is what has made online slots more popular among slot players worldwide this, and the fact that anyone from practically anywhere in the world can play the same slot games enjoyed in most other countries.

Goin' Crazy Over Cash Crazy Slots

Cash Crazy slot is a good example of an excellent Microgaming slot game that is available on the internet. This game has three reels and one paying line, with a maximum bet of ten dollars so this is best played by those who have never tried any type of slot games before, let alone an online slot.

The layout is perhaps a little too typical of a Microgaming online slot but it nevertheless offers players some great rewards. This game however, should not be played by high stakes rollers as this is a pretty slow-paced slot game so those used to the more hard-hitting online slot could this a bit boring.

This is actually a great game to practice with; to give newbies a feel of what online slots are all about and how winning is done in most of these games.

Playing Cash Crazy

Cash Crazy has for its icons a mad-looking man holding money in both hands; the usual bar icons 1, 2 and 3; cherries; plus the number seven colored in green. The stakes here may be lower than in other slots with three reels and one paying line but you can nevertheless get rewarded with a good number of coins each time you play because it has a Wild icon.

The Wild icon here is the mad-looking man holding money in his hands and he can be used to replace any of your other icons on your reels to help you create a good winning combination.

The Wild can also be used to multiply your winnings if he shows up on the paying line. Another icon that could help you win is the image of a cherry. When you see this pop up on the paying line, you automatically win a prize.