City of Gold Slots

City of Gold Slots (Microgaming)

When you get online to look for enjoyable games to play, one of the online games that might immediately jump at you is the online slot. Slot games are actually popular whether you spot them on the internet or in land-based locations wherever you are. This is primarily because slot games are so easy to play and you can consider this as one of the easiest ways to make money if you choose the right slot games of course.

Most of the time, the title of the slot game will instantly give you an idea of what the theme of the game is but that's far as it goes. As for your enjoyment of the game, it all depends on so many factors, all of which are taken cared of by Microgaming.

Discover the City of Gold Slots

The City of Gold slots is one of the popular online slot games developed by Microgaming. The interface is really very easy to manipulate and the overall layout is designed in a very attractive way so much so that whoever comes across it will surely do a double take to check out the game some more.

The color combination and the graphic designs are what will immediately jump at you.

This online slot has three reels and one winning line. You can bet up to a maximum of ten dollars in every game which could ultimately give you the highest payout available for this game which is one thousand six hundred coins.

The only downside in this game is the sound as you could get annoyed by it if you keep hearing the drum beats in every spin.

Finding the City of Gold Treasure

In order for you to bring home the highest payout here, you need to have the Wild icon appear simultaneously on your reels 3x. In the City of Gold, your Wild icon is a bunch of precious stones including diamonds all put together in a pot of gold.

If the Wild shows up on any one of your games, you can replace your other images so you can create a winning combination. The Wild icon also serves as a multiplier so you can have more winnings when you hit a good combination.

One other image that can help you win is a picture of a watermelon. If you get one of this and a Wild icon on the winning reel, you are automatically a winner.