Big 5 Slots

Most people may be quick to think that playing online slots does not require any kind of strategy since you simply bet your coins and spin the slot whether you come up with a good combination or not is entirely up to the game.

But slot players who have been enjoying online slots for quite awhile know that winning in online slots require a different kind of strategy one that will give them the best payouts while also providing them with much fun and entertainment.

The gaming software provider is likewise very important. Microgaming online slots are among the best ones today and their different themes and features make every slot game interesting and easy to play such as the Big 5 slots.

Hi-Five Big 5

Microgaming's Big 5 slot game is an online slot with only three reels and one paying line so this could be more ideal for new players who want to try out first the smaller betting slots before moving on to the big fish.

Nevertheless, the game has its own flavor of excitement and it doesn't hurt that you also get to win a few coins during your spins. Big 5 is actually an animal-themed slot game with the Big 5 being five huge animals including a rhino, an elephant and a lion.

Other images include cherries and the usual bar icons normally found in three-reel slots. The game is set against the backdrop of the African wilderness and the entire lay-out is actually pleasant to the eyes which is important if you want to keep playing for many hours.

While the theme is that of the African wilderness, don't expect any lions roaring in the background as what you will hear are noises you usually encounter in live casinos.

Hitting the Big 5 Jackpot

The game may have only one playing line but it still gives players something to anticipate as the payout is actually pretty good for a single paying line, three-reel slot. The maximum amount of coins that you can win if you bet on all three reels reaches up to two thousand four hundred coins!

On the other hand, if you want to play on the safe side for awhile and bet only the minimum coin, you will still get a whopping eight hundred coins so still not bad for a beginner!

Overall, the game is ideal for starters and those who want to take a break from the usually more fast-paced online slots.