Astronomical Slots

When it comes to online slot gaming, Microgaming is always a top choice among players because they are among the most trusted gaming software developers in the industry today.

Among the favorite games from Microgaming are their numerous online slots games. Since the time when slot games became readily accessible over the internet, people have become more interested in trying out slot games that they come across to and most of these are from Microgaming.

From three-reel slot to five-reel games, Microgaming's slot games are always fun to play with. Astronomical Slots is a Microgaming Slot that will have you playing for hours on end.

Astronomical Fun with Astronomical Slot Games

Microgaming's Astronomical Slot is a three-reel slot game with three paying lines. The game is set against a backdrop of the cosmos with images of planets as part of the layout.

If you play the maximum allowable coins, you might just get to bring home the maximum payout as well, which is about eight thousand coins! This is a pretty fun and thrilling game to play even if it only has three reels and three paying lines.

In fact, slot lovers who have played Astronomical Slots before are quick to point out that this slot game is one of the best three-reel slots available on the internet today. This is also a great slot game to start with if you want to start playing online slots.

Astronomical Winning Symbol

Unlike other Microgaming slots with three reels, Astronomical Slot has a Wild icon which can help you win in your games. The Wild icon here is the Astronomical logo and if you get this in any of your reels, your winnings are automatically multiplied by two.

If you also happen to have the Wild icon in your winning reels, this is your chance to bag the maximum number of coins which, as mentioned, amounts to eight thousand coins.

A huge factor in the game's popularity is its having a Wild icon despite its having only three reels. This is also why winning in Astronomical Slots is much easier than in any other three-reel slot game you find online.

On the other hand, you can still look for online casinos that offer free versions of the Astronomical Slots game if you want to get used to how the game is played before you sign-up for any games with actual bankrolls to play on.