starscape Slots

Blast to the atmosphere and have a galactic escapade to the stars with Microgaming's Starscape Slot. Starscape slot is another exciting game from Microgaming that has 5 reels and 25 pay lines. The game is loaded with exciting frills and bonuses that you'll surely enjoy. Starscape slot was launched last June 2008 and since then, the game has garnered millions of audiences from far and wide.

Starscape slot will definitely boost you to stay for hours because it uses an excellent game interface with an impressive payout table. Without a doubt, Starscape slot is an entertaining game you shouldn't miss. Experience optimum gaming with Starscape slot's awesome graphics, hardcore programming, brilliant betting options and hefty bonuses, you'll never ask for more.

With only 0.01, you can blast to outer space and touch the stars. You can also increase your bets and raise your chances of winning the top prize of 70,000 coins. So if you're looking for fast-paced video slot games that will make you feel enthralled every time, then don't hesitate to try Starscape slot. It's an experience you won't forget.

Choose the Winning Combination with Starscape Slot Symbols

Starscape slot ensures players that there will never be any dull moment while you're playing this game. The game has incorporated lucrative symbols that would highlight the theme. So get ready and let's go to infinity and beyond.

Starscape slot's theme is built on impressive space-inspired symbols, which include the giant Jupiter, Saturn, bright Sun, icy asteroids, Planet Pluto and a spacecraft. It is imperative that you choose your combinations wisely. Check all these symbols out as they appear across the reel. Recognize the winning combinations and win fabulous prizes. If you hit the Starscape logo, you can multiply your winnings twice or even four times. The spacecraft is also a special symbol that activates the Match Bonus. Land three or more spacecrafts and get a chance to play the Match Bonus and win more rewards.

An Exciting Journey to the Stars The Match Bonus Round

The Match Bonus round makes the game more galactic. Hitting three or more spacecrafts can activate the bonus feature and if you play the game with zest and wit, you can take home up to 37,500 coins. Don't worry because the Match bonus game play is quite easy to understand. You can automatically win as long as you choose the right betting options with this game.