What on Earth Slots

Blasting into the online gaming atmosphere, What on Earth is a cool game with spaceships, UFOs and a friendly alien or two. This outer space themed slot machine game is chockfull of features and guarantees to give you a blast.

Blast Off

What on Earth is a 5 reel, 9 payline, 45 coin slot game that has multiple paylines that increases the player's chances of winning. The graphics are crisp, wonderfully rendered and unique. Players will enjoy looking at the red, green and blue spaceships, a port hole, a console and juicy planets like Plum Saturn, Orange Sun, Cherry Comet and Watermelon Planet. The sound effects are realistic and help fans imagine that they are deep in space. The spinning reels sound like a spacecraft is hovering above you and eerie space sounds are heard when a winning combination is hit. The What on Earth symbol is the wild and multiplier symbol. The game also has 3 Scatter symbols - the Rocket which shows on all 5 reels and the Shuttle and Saucer which only appears on reels 3, 4 and 5.

We Come in Peace

The game's unique twists are the three bonus features The Beam em Up, Beam em Up Contest and the Destination bonus. To start the first bonus players need to line up three or more red rockets, three blue spaceships or three green UFOs on the last three reels. This activates the bonus screen where you choose your alien and watch them beam up your prize. Prizes are between 3 to 400 times the bet depending on what the alien beams up. If the player's alien beams up a contest symbol the second bonus feature is activated. The aliens will hold a Beam Em Up contest and will try to beam up as many objects as they can. This can be quite lucrative since players can win up to 200x the bet. The Destination Bonus is the last and most rewarding bonus. When the alien beams up a globe the player is presented with 4 locations New York, Cairo, London and Tokyo. Player chooses a location by clicking on an Egyptian Mummy, the Queen of England, Lady Liberty or the kung fu master. Players then choose another alien that will beam up your bonus character. If the bonus character that represents the city is chosen, the player gets 400x the initial bet. Now that is truly out of this world!