Atlantis Slots

Playing slots on the internet has become such a phenomenal success because people have found a more convenient way to keep on enjoying their slot games without having to spend much on casino trips.

With the online slots games rise in popularity, Microgaming has likewise risen to the top as they are one of the leading online gaming software manufacturers. Microgaming slot games are likewise among the favorite online slots today because of their easy interface and their engaging themes.

Atlantis Slots, a Microgaming slot is a thrilling game that has just the right graphics and lay-out that will entice any player to keep playing and keep coming back for more games.

Discovering Atlantis Again

When you play the Atlantis slot game, you will be taken to the world of the legendary Lost Civilization sunken so deep into the sea that no one has discovered them yet, up until now by you.

The backdrop of the game is set against the world of Atlantis and the many elements found in the sea like shells and sea horses plus the coveted trunk filled with treasures. As with any other Microgaming slot game, Atlantis is very easy to understand and you will find yourself completely engaged in the game in no time at all.

This is great slot game for beginners as the pacing is just right not too fast and not too slow either. You also get plenty of chances to win coins in any of your games despite the fact that it only has three reels and one winning paying line.

Finding Atlantis' Treasure

If you're looking for a slot game that can give you a good amount of coins to win in every game, then the Atlantis slot game is just what you want. The only catch is that you might find this one a bit dragging if you're used to playing the faster-paced and sometimes confusing slots with higher paying lines.

But if you want to play with something that will give you a few winnings per game and at the same time keep you entertained, Atlantis is just the thing you need. Winning here is really very easy because you basically only need one symbol particularly the sea shell or the treasure trunk to be able to win a few coins.

In addition to this, there is a Wild icon and the treasure trunk serves as the Wild here. If you get this in any of your reels, your prizes are immediately multiplied twice over.