Alley Cats Slots

Bowling Alley Cats? You heard that right. The game's title can be a little humorous since you'll all be thinking of stray cats that wander around on some alley digging on some garbage can for some food. Well, Microgaming put a little play of words on this one. The Alley they are referring to is the bowling alley. Alley Cats Slots is a 5-reel, 9-line Slot machine that has this cartoonish theme that will get your interest while you play along. The overall appearance is pretty well done, graphics and animations looks cool, the sound and music are also pretty good, but what gets me is the betting range, which is rather narrow. In the game, the coin value can be from a cent up to 25 cents. But of course, there are a hundred and eighty coins that can be used in one spin, so the highest bet per spin can go up to $45, which isn't so bad. The Jackpot in the game can go for a whopping 10000 coins too, so it's not really a bother at all. This is a great place to start if you're a beginner at 5-reel slot gaming.

Symbols Up Your Alley

There are a good number of symbols used in the game, each looking distinct from one another, so you'll know when you're about to hit it big on your spin. The three symbols that could net you the highest win would be the strike, Alley Cats and Top cat symbols. What you need to keep an eye for is the Strike Symbol which can multiply your triggering bet up to 100 times if you get all of them to appear. Your prizes are going to be multiplied by 4 if you manage to make only 4 of them to appear and if you only get 3 of them to appear, your prize will be doubled. Another great thing about the scatter symbol is that it can be used to trigger some free spins or send you off to the bonus game.


You've definitely hit a strike on this one if you manage to get into the bonus games and free spins. During the bonus game, all you have to do is to bowl and have fun as you win some more cash. The free spins are also worth the mention since you'll be getting double prizes when you win something during the spins! Now, this really is a good place to enjoy your spins and wins.