Big Break Slots

Almost everyone in the world is looking for that big break' that'll turn their lives around and allow them to go from living simple lives to living like kings. And what better place to find it than in a game that practically says BIG BREAK' in big, bold letters? Just the name of this video slots machine will make you want to try it out and hope that what its title says holds true. Backed by Microgaming Software, this video slots machine is a colorful and fun way to pass the time and to earn some nice cash. Its theme is pretty simple fruits. It's almost like the classic fruits slots machine that first came out. But then, unlike that one, the symbols Big Break Slots uses are actually the less typical fruits such as kiwis, coconuts, and bananas. There are also a bunch of cartoon characters wearing surfer outfits. The music is upbeat and cool, and you'll certainly have a fun time playing and waiting for your big break'.

How to Play the Game

This five reel slots machine has 15 winning paylines in all. You can bet a maximum of 10 coins in all, with the coin denominations allowed ranging from 1 cent to 50 cents. Actually, the limited range in betting options makes it appealing mainly for those small time betters instead of the high rollers. Now, you might think that with such low denominations used for betting, Big break would have low payouts as well. But this is not the case at all. What makes Big break slots special is that even with a small amount, you can have quite high payouts. This is because of the various ways for you to win in the game.

Symbols to Watch Out for

With two Wild Symbols, the chances of winning in Big Break Slots are significantly increased. These two include the big break symbol and the lucky break symbol. It's easy to get either of these two in the paylines, which makes them the most lucrative symbols in the game. They can be substituted for all the other symbols in the game except for each other and the scatter symbol. Any winnings you gain with the use of these wild symbols will automatically be multiplied by 2. The scatter symbol is represented by the Munky symbol. Three of them on the screen will automatically give you 15 free spins. Another thing you have to watch out for is the lining up of all five wild animals on one line, as this will trigger the bonus round.