Big Top Slots

If there ever is a slots game that brings up the warmest memories from childhood, then this one has got to be it. Big Top, with its nice circus theme, certainly makes one think about those bygone years where we used to sit wide-eyed in the benches as the circus performers dazzled us with their neat tricks. True to its theme, Big Top has symbols that really represent those characters we would often see in the circus, only a bit exaggerated and drawn in a cartoon style. There's an elephant riding a bicycle, a tiger in a showman's outfit, a monkey in a clown's outfit, and of course, the quintessential circus clown. True to its theme, the background music is circus music. When you hit a winning combination, you will be treated to the wound of the clowns' laughter.

How to Play the Game

Playing Big Top is pretty simple, especially if you've played slots before. Basically, all you'll be doing is inputting your bet. It's a 5-reel slots machine with 9 paylines so that means you can choose any of the paylines. The maximum jackpot you can get is 5000 coins. The amount of cash that would net you depends on your bet. The maximum amount of coins you can input is just 9 coins. Each coin can cost up to a dollar. Your best move would be to bet on all paylines to really increase your chances of winning.

Symbols to Watch Out for

One of the symbols you have to watch out for in this game is the Wild Symbol. It is represented by the clown symbol. As with all wild symbols, you can use this to substitute with any other symbol in this game in order to form a winning combination. The only symbol you cannot substitute it for is the Scatter symbol. However, unlike the other Wild Symbols in other games, this one does not act as a multiplier, which lessens the chance of winning big cash. The Scatter symbol was also not as impressive. Represented by the monkey, getting 3 of them would net you instant winnings. Good enough to get decent cash. But then it doesn't give you any free spins nor does it act as a multiplier.

Overall, this game is pretty fun. It's not as complex as Microgaming's other slots games but it's good enough for the newcomers to the game who want to get the feel of slots before moving on to the more complicated ones