Bomber Girls Slots

Bomber Girls Slots

Girls in military uniforms a heady image indeed it's one of those things in life that make you want to live life and celebrate it. Pin-up girls are one of the most popular memorabilia that stem from the World War II Era. Mostly, they were used to boost the army's morale by reminding them of what, or rather who, awaited them at home. These Bomber Girls were once again brought to life as the theme for a video slots game created by Microgaming. Bomber Girls, which is also the name of the Slots Game, is a five-reel slots machine with an impressive looking interface. Designed to look like the control panel of an old wartime aircraft, Bomber Girls' interface is made to look like a metallic sheet with bolts and knobs decking it. The symbols all pertain mostly to other World War II icons such as bombs, combat planes, goggles, playing cards, a stiff drink, a compass, and of course, the Bomber Girls themselves. The Bomber girls, vivacious big-busted women dressed in provocative uniforms, dance when a winning combination is hit, making winning a doubly pleasurable experience. The women are all wearing uniforms that pertain to certain jobs associated with the military such as a soldier, a nurse, a mechanic, and a radio controller.

About the Game

This video slots game has 5 reels and 20 paylines, giving you a good chance of winning. The betting range is quite wide, with a minimum of 1 cent and a maximum of 100 dollars. You can insert a total of 200 coins, with denominations that range from 1 cent to 50 cents. The jackpot in the normal spins can net you about 50,000 coins. But, if you're lucky enough to win the jackpot during the free spins, you can win up to 150,000 coins! That's enough to turn anyone's life around.

Symbols to Watch Out for

There are a couple of symbols that will really help boost your game. One of them is the Wild Symbol, which is the Bomber Girls Logo. As the Wild Symbol, you can substitute it for any other symbol in the game to make a winning combination. The Bomber Girls Logo is also the Jackpot symbol, so you'll want as many of them to line up as possible. The two Scatter Symbols in this game are the Table Top and the Compass. With the Table Top appears on the reels 1 and 5, the High-Low bonus round is activated, which can net you about 20,000 coins. If the 3 Compass Symbols appear on reels 2, 3, 5, 14 free spins are rewarded in which your winnings will be multiplied by 3.