Bob's Bowling Bonanza Slots

It's amazing to think of how much the themes for Slots games have diversified over the years. Back then, we only had the typical fruits slots. Now we have a game with a theme concerned with another game. Yes indeed, just take Bob's Bowling Bonanza for example. The title itself will give you a very good clue of that other game which it is talking about. Jam-packed with symbols that pertain to Bob's adventures in the bowling alley along with his friend Babs, like bowling balls, pins, bowling shoes, and trophies. When you hit a winning combination, the symbols are animated and you get to see the characters come to life.

How to Play

Bob's Bowling Bonanza is a five-reel video slots game with about 30 paylines. With that number of paylines, you're sure to get a decent win rate with this one. Playing is pretty simple. Every time you insert a coin, you automatically get to enable a payline. Of course, more coins will give you more chances of winning. Each pay line can hold up to a maximum of 20 conis, and the coin denominations you can use range from 1 cent to 25 cents. What's good about this game is that you can choose whether or not you want to play for free or if you want to use actual money. That way you can have the feel of the game and see for yourself how the probabilities of winning are before you can bet your actual money.

Symbols to Watch Out for

There are a bunch of symbols that will help boost your game, and getting to know them and the mechanics that surround them will surely boost your winnings. One of these symbols is the Wild Symbol which is symbolized by the Strike Symbol. Strike in bowling means hitting all pins at once. In this game, however, it means you can substitute the wild symbol for any other symbol in the game in order to form a winning combination. The Scatter symbol is the only thing you cannot substitute it for. Represented by the bowling ball, the scatter symbol will grant you instant winnings if two of them appear anywhere on the screen. There is also the Perfect Game Bonus Feature which is triggered by the Wild Symbol appearing on reels 1, 3, and 5 simultaneously. In this game, you'll have to hit as many pins as you can. The number of pins you take down will act as a multiplier.