Pirates Paradise Slots

Pirate's Paradise Slots

Pirates are often associated with never-ending adventure and vast treasure, something that doesn't cross the path of someone who has a life to live on solid ground. Luckily, the adrenaline rush of the high seas and the call of hidden booty were captured in Pirates' Paradise, a classic three-reel slot game developed by Microgaming. With this game, you are sure to enjoy whatever the pirate's paradise has to offer in every spin of the reel.

Learn Your Way Through the Waves

The best thing about Pirates' Paradise Slots lies in its simplicity. With three-reels and a single payline, you just can't go wrong with this machine. Beyond its simplicity lies a great treasure up for grabs; it offers a handsome 2,500-coin jackpot to the one who could run away with the jackpot. Thee are no wild icons or bonus icons to distract you from your reels; if you want to win big in Pirates' Paradise Slots, the only thing you should consider is your winning combination.

Apart from the nice payout, Pirates' Paradise Slots also offer engaging sounds and graphics that can really get your moods ready. Pirates' Paradise Slots' themed background and music makes you feel like you are sailing in the open seas with only the gentle sounds of birds and paddles to break the tranquility of your surrounding. When the reels are spun, however, the tranquility is replaced by excitement with creaking ship mast, whistles and other sounds. With nice game design and an even nicer payout, no wonder many set sail across the reels of Pirates' Paradise Slots.

Watch the Horizon for Hidden Treasures

Pirates' Paradise Slots is a three-reel slot machine that is simple to use and enjoy. And with a single payline, you can never go wrong with these machines. Moreover, you don't have to look out for any bonus or wild icon because there are none. All you need to consider is the payout table. Apart from the usual bars, there are other icons that make the feel of the pirate adventure complete. With Pirates' Paradise Slots you can like the Flag of Jolly Rogers and seashells. If you want to aim for top prize however, you might want to look for Treasure Chest icons scattered across the reels.

Why Play This Game

Pirates' Paradise Slots is perfect for those who want to spend their otherwise boring Saturday night without spending so much money on partying or eating out. The game is undeniably simple, with one payline, and a few buttons to allow you to play, bet and do other stuff you might want to do. Being simple, in the case of Pirates' Paradise Slots, is not being ugly or being poor. Pirates' Paradise Slots offer pleasant graphics and sounds to make your game more enjoyable, not to mention the huge 2500-coin jackpot that comes with three treasure chests. So why not haul your anchors in and set sail to Pirates' Paradise by downloading your casino software and playing the game today?