Orange and Lemons Slots

If you're into some fruity action then you might want to try Orange and Lemons Slots, a classic slot game developed by Microgaming. With Orange and Lemons Slots you can get more than just your daily dose of Vitamin C; you can always have a zesty time spinning the reels and winning some nice payouts. Spin the Orange and Lemons Slots' reels and see for yourself why this slot game can make you play longer than you would have imagined.

Add Some Zest Into Your Ordinary Game

Orange and Lemons Slots is perfect for those who are new to classic slots and would like to gain knowledge and feel of the game controls, mechanics and payouts. The great thing about Orange and Lemons Slots is that it is very easy to use. The controls are not hidden; the reels icons are distinct from each other, and the payout can be read whenever you want it. Best of all, the overall feel of the game is lively and entertaining. The graphics and sounds will never make you sleepy.

But beyond the glitzy graphics and engaging sounds, Orange and Lemons Slots is a nice slot game to play for money. It is a classic three-reel slot game that provides slot players a chance to win some fruity surprises. After all, an above-average pot of 5,000 coins is awarded for those who can win the top prize with maximum coin bet. You don't even have to get the top prize to win anything; getting even just one bell in a spin can double the coins you placed on the particular spin. You won't find that in many classic slot games nowadays.

Follow the Fruits

In Orange and Lemons Slots, the fruits are your ways to big winnings. You should pay attention to the icons on the reels particularly the Orange icon. This icon, like what has been said earlier can give you a 5000-coin jackpot if you're lucky and if you are betting max coins every spin. The orange icon is more than just you top-prize icon; it is also a wild multiplier icon. Use this icon to complete your combination and multiply your winnings. If you use a single orange icon to complete a combination, you double your winnings; get two oranges and you quadruple your winnings.

Apart from the orange icon, lemons icon can give you an easy 200-coin win if you played with maximum coins. Apart from the fruits, you can also win minor payouts from other icons like bars, and bells. Like what has been said earlier, you need only one bell to start winning so keep that reel spinning.