Burning Desire Slots

Money, riches, the high life there's no doubt at all that millions of people in the world desire these things. Who wouldn't want to be rich? Nobody, that's who. In fact, some people want to be rich so much that you could rightly say that they have a burning desire' for it that is exactly what this revolutionary video slots game from Micrograming preys upon. Entitled Burning Desire', this game taunts the player with symbols such as jewels, golden coins, golden bells, burning roses, and of course, the Burning Desire logo, which is a heart engulfed in flames with the game's title emblazoned in front of it. Like most modern video slots games, the symbols come to life with impressive animation sequences whenever you hit a winning combination, an example of which is the Burning Desire logo being consumed by flames. The music is impressive, a thumping rock music that really reflects the theme.

How to Play the Game

Using a revolutionary way of playing slots, Burning desire will need some getting used to. For one thing, unlike other slots games, it does not utilize the traditional paylines. In fact, this game has no paylines at all. Instead, it tells you that there are 243 ways of winning and that you can activate more and more of these ways the more coins you insert. You have to bet at least 25 coins to activate all 243 ways. This system is called Way Wins'. Basically, what the game does is look for any winning combinations formed from left to right. The combination has to start with the symbol on the first reel, then it looks for the second symbol needed to form the combination on the second reel. If the symbol is there, then it will move on to search the third reel. While this style certainly needs some getting used to, one cannot deny that the possibilities of winning are endless. And indeed, you'll see that this game has one of the nicest payouts in all video slots games.

Symbols to Watch Out for

As with other slots games, however, there are also some symbols that you need watch out for. First, there's the wild symbol which is represented by the Burning Desire logo. As usual, it can be used to act as a substitute. However, it is not used to form just any combination, only the 4-rose combination that gives out 100 coins. The scatter symbol is represented by the burning coin. It gives out free spins and acts as a multiplier.