Gopher Gold Slots

Gopher Gold Slots

If you haven't yet started playing any of the numerous slot games you can find online, you could be missing out on hours of pleasurable online gaming. While you may not know what games to start with, the titles of the games alone are already a dead giveaway as to what you can expect from your online slot when it comes to themes and graphics.

The makers of the games often play with words sometimes using well-known phrases, movie titles, storybook legends and others, to be able to come up with something that sounds intriguing and humorous at the same time.

Microgaming's online slots are a good example of just how creative they can be when it comes to developing highly interesting online slot games.

Mining the Gopher's Gold

Gopher's Gold is an online slot with five reels and five paying lines. You can only put one coin on every line but you can choose to bet to a maximum of five dollars per line which makes twenty five dollars for the total maximum bet allowed in the game.

The graphics are really cool in this one as the gold gopher and the gold-colored icons stand out against a colorful background. While this may seem like a slot game full of so many icons and items, it's actually a very simple game one which anyone can immediately grasp.

The main character is the Gopher of course and the other icons include the top cards in a deck from Tens to Aces, a lamp and other mining equipment.

Help with Gopher's Gold

Gopher's Gold has a Wild icon that you can use to replace any of your other icons in your reels to make a winning reel. The Gopher is of course the Wild here and he can show up on any of your reels so you have to keep an eye on him every time you spin.

The maximum amount of coins that you can win in this game reaches up to twelve thousand coins so this is really a cool game to play if you're looking for something that's not complicated at all with a very good number of coins that you can win.

If you also want to steer clear of the usual 3-reel slots for awhile, this is a good game to start playing with five reels and more paying lines without costing you too much of your bankroll.