Agent Jane Blonde Slots

Agent Jane Blonde Slots

Agent Jane Blonde Slots puts you in the shoes of secret agent Jane. Well, not really, but the machine has a female version of James Bond theme attached to it, which is pretty interesting. Agent Jane Blonde Slots is basically a 5-reel slot machine developed by Microgaming. The sad part about it is that it only has 9 pay lines. But it won't be much of a bother if you really want to have fun and win a few profits. It's basically themed after a secret agent, anything from the graphics design to the music and sound effect fits the theme perfectly. What's more is that you can win as big as 10000 coins during the normal spins in the game. Now that's a lot of cash considering the coin sizes can be as huge as $5! You've definitely hit the big money on this one. There are also 38 winning combinations, which keeps the game interesting as you play along. So, all that's left is to play it how the secret agents would.

Gadgets in the Game

During the course of the game, you'll find out that the symbols used in the reels are made up of missions, gadgets, C4 explosives or anything that's of relevance to spies and secret agents. Like mentioned earlier, there are 38 winning combinations in the game that will net you some cash if you manage to get them. Now, you won't have to worry so much as there is a wild symbol available on the slots. The wild symbol is, you guessed it, is a picture of Jane Blonde herself. You can use this to substitute for any symbol one the reels, except the scatter symbols, to make that winning combination. That'll surely smooth things up for you. What's even better is that when you use the wild symbol for the winning combination, the prize to be won is automatically doubled. In short, the wild symbol is also used as a prize multiplier.

Bonus Missions

In the game are a couple of bonus features. The first one being free spins. You can activate your free spins if you manage to get three or more scatter symbols, which are labeled scatter blondes in the game. And once you do, you get 15 free spins. During these free spins, your prizes are automatically multiplied by 3! And what's more is that it is still possible to re-trigger the free spins provided that you're lucky enough to get three scatter symbols appear again. The second bonus feature would be in the form of gambling your winnings. After you win something, you have the choice to gamble for double or nothing. So, if you're feeling lucky, try it out some time.