Lucky Eggsplorer Slots

Lucky Eggsplorer Slots

Microgaming is one of the most trusted manufacturers and developers of online games for casinos and one of the games that are very popular among Microgaming fans is the online slot.

With a wide selection of online slot games for every type of player, Microgaming has likewise become the leading developer of slot games for the internet; partner this with great online casinos and what you will have is a truly exciting experience with your slot games online.

Now if you really want to try your luck with online slots, why not go with something that will readily tell you just what kind of game you're going to have? Lucky Eggsplorer slots might just give you good luck on your games.

Feelin' Lucky with Lucky Eggsplorer Slots

Lucky Eggsplorer is an online slot with five reels and thirty paying lines. The game is themed after Easter with a little variation to make the game even more exciting. You will get chickens, a ship, the ship's Captain Chook, the wheel, a map and the top cards in a deck from Aces to Nines.

You can win up to six thousand coins if you hit the jackpot. But if you're really lucky, you can win even more coins with the help of the special features included in the game.

The background sound is also very enticing it actually adds to the excellence of the game a quality that you don't normally find in most online slots.

Lucky Streak in Lucky Eggsplorer

It's not impossible to keep on winning in Lucky Eggsplorer every time you play because with thirty paying lines, you get more chances of adding some coins to your bankroll after every spin.

The two most vital images that you have to be on the lookout for are the Wild and Scatter icons. These are the pictures of Captain Chook as your Wild icon and the map as your Scatter symbol here.

The Wild can replace any of your images on your reels, excluding the Scatter, to help you make a winning combination. Unfortunately, the Wild is not a prize multiplier.

On the other hand, if you spot an image of the map, at least two times on your screen, you will get an equivalent prize. If you get three and above, you will automatically receive bonus spins and a prize multiplier.

There is also a gamble feature which can dramatically increase your winnings but there is the risk that you might likewise lose everything.